[thoughts] making comics in 3d

I was just curious on what people thought about comic crafting with the use of 3d assets and rendering?

I was playing with the idea in my head and been reading on other sites about other thought about it, but most said that since most people don’t put forth the effort of making a shader/post after effect to give the world that “comic” look, it feels off

then someone pointed out to someone, you’d need to hire an animator, and at that point, might as well animate your whole project

Just wanted to know what people thought about the idea in general

It would probably be better to do it in a 3D program, UE4 wouldn’t give any benefit to that unless it was part of the game and it needed to be interactive.

It’s definitely possible - This does the job pretty well; I’m using it my own project and you can definitely make a comic-book effect with it!

Not really, You could have a rigged mesh and just pose it into… poses. You could even use this poses and blend between them to fake animations if you wanted to if it that extra BAM factor.

I think it’s a great idea! I’m doing something similar for one my upcoming “Learn UE4” books (More on that in the future) but I’m doing it the other way round; I’m making the scene in UE4, Then rotoscoping over the final image and then using that as a “Panel” in my comic :slight_smile:

Best of luck, I always love to see people taking the engine to new and exciting places!

I just meant in general on what people thought. I knew using a game engine wouldn’t be a good idea (thought if I end up getting the whole comic city modeled, might as well use it for something else)

then I guess I’ll move this to the off-topic section

yeah, I’ve got that, but i wasn’t too sure if using Unreal would be ideal to use for the project, or if it would better to use something like Maya

I’d use Unreal; It’s easier for me personally but it’s down to your preference really

I’ll consult will an animator/poser about it. I’m pretty much just the writer, so I’d hire the right people for the jobs

Had me thinking about the costs. Wonder if doing the posing of 3d figures is cheaper than 2d drawings

But what I like about using 3d assets is that, the human figures will look go no matter what angle you put them at, unlike draws, where they can look off sometimes

3D is cheaper if you’re using the same assets over and over again (In the long run)

how did you go about modeling your comic world? Did you concept it all out and model the whole thing, or just model just pieces/places that you knew you’d use the most

SuperGrid <3

I think my approach I’m thinking of is different. I was going to hire someone that could model the whole city my comic takes place in after I have a concept artist give a feel of the city

You could do that if you want. Saves having to re-draw every angle :wink:

yeah, I read that was a common approach when working with 3d assets for a comic

Be sure to check out Tom Shannon’s Post Fx:

I bought it, quite impressive.

Does it have a general comic outline look?

Tom Shannon’s tutorial will give you a good idea of the possibilities:

You can also check out my video here to get a sense of “comic” looks you could get… Not everything uses Tom Shannon’s Post FX but it might give you a feel of things:

thanks for the videos

I like Tom Shannon’s Post FX for super-stylised looks, however I’m warming up to: …I’m liking the cell-shaded look, a good mix of something “conceptual yet tangible”.

I dunno if anyone is still interested in this but I’ve been working on this subject in my own project. Attached is an environment I made in Unreal