thoughts about the engine

is it possible to code it in vulkan to the point that devs dont need to understand vulkan and can just build worlds in it with the performance benefits.
can the engine be hardcoded to benefit multi gpu crossfire sli without relying on dev optimization as that never happens.

with the future of streaming and cloudsystem. is it possible to split a game into a stage and actors. in games there are static objects that never move or you interact with. the ground, buildings, furniture etc. these things doesnt need to be shadercached or displayed by the local pc. what if you could stream this from a cloud server with highest definition to the pc. since these things never move there is no latency issue. the local pc only needs to render actors. enemy npc and other players. you could also allow physics to be handled by a server building demolition. if game devs could expect every player to run the events on a server emulator with 64 cores and such their hands would be free to do amazing things.

my thought in this is that you have a game browser of sorts. where the world is displayed, you then interact with it in an overlay of sorts. this would mean that game installs will be <10gb as most of the textures and worlds are on the cloud server and shared to everyone.

If the camera isn’t moving there’s no need to render static parts of the environment at all, you could just load them in as images