Thought on specs for a laptop?

I found a laptop that is within my price range, but my problem is I have never used Unreal Engine before, because of my current computer’s limitations. Desktop is out of the question unfortunately. So the like is:

The main specs are:

Intel® Broadwell i7-5700HQ

NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 970M [3GB] w/Optimus™ Technology

Up to 16GB RAM

1TB Hard Drive

thank you so much for helping a noob like me :smiley:

Should definitely be able to run Unreal just fine I’d imagine. :slight_smile:

If you mind me asking, why a laptop? For that price you could make a desktop that is even better.

I am 16 and my family move constantly all over America and a desktop is a lot harder to transport, I know because my family complains every time. SO a laptop would solve a lot of those issues.

It will run UE4 fine and sounds like a good value for the money.

I looked through the options and you should really get the “250GB M.2 Solid State” option for $39 (found under M.2 SSD Drive -> M.2 Slot 1). Having the OS and your UE4 on an SSD will make the system much more responsive.

If you dont have that much extra money, remove the ordinary HDD to save $30. 250 GB should be enough to start with and you can easily buy and install one later. (If you get two drives, make sure you get the OS on the SSD!)

Thank you, I definitely will do that then.

That is a pretty sweet laptop, but I would shy away from a solid state drive for several reasons. Low maximum capacity is a big reason, I need lots of space. There is no data recovery for an ssd, so if it crashes, bye bye data. They are more expensive, and it turns out they have a shorter lifespan than conventional hard drives. But yes, they are faster so maybe they are better.

Staying away from SSDs is madness.

The lifespan of an SSD in normal use is higher than an HDD, but the risk of some small amount of data becoming corrupt is larger. Depending on your scenario one or the other may be worse.

No matter how you store your data you need backups of everything important.

As for price they are definitely so much faster that it is worth the price for everything but archives and backups. No high end systems are delivered without one.

Yeah for sure use a SSD if possible. No moving parts = no mechanical failure as well. Some of the early SSDs failed more frequently, but the better companies now offering SSDs have much better track records.

Thank you so much