thought I would make zelda.

Hi every one.

I’m a student at gnomon and last semester I took the intro to UE4 class. I had some experience with a node based work flow from a program I teach to kids called game maker. So I took to most of UE4 rather well. Still I can’t tell you just how much fun I think this program is. It also helped I had a good and super cool teacher, { Hi Kyle if you see this }

Any way I’m rambling.

for the 10 weeks in my free time I tried making the first dungeon from zelda.

It still needs a lot more work and polish but I wanted to show you guys what i had so far any way. let me know hat you think and if there is any feed back. :slight_smile:

Also keep in mind i’m not an animator. so I know link might look a little clunky.

Not so bad. Obviously it could use some texturing, but it’s a start.

Each room needs to be roughly double in size and never make a doorway smaller than two players wide.

I was trying to copy it off the scale from the first fame but thanks, I think that could be something I could salve with a bit of scaling.