This War NEEDS to Stop

In the last couple of weeks, you may have noticed that major mods have had frequent updates and with each update, another mod will update as well. This is the behind the scenes war that is going on. An example of this is the Indom/Dragon God vs. Annunaki. These mods have been updating constantly over the last few days, causing tons of issues like server crashes, personal crashes, and even the prevention of a person to join a server (this is caused because there is an update and when your game crashes, it’ll auto install it). After countless errors and problems, the community has started noticing patterns. It appears these mods are purposely causing issues. Proof of this fruitless endever is shown in a video by a Youtuber by the name of TomHud ( This video was posted TODAY and shows an issue between the Annunaki and Dragon God mod. After seeing this issue, people have notices that issues like this have been appearing between these mods for a while now.

Pegi16 has replied "I've tested this and its a pretty sneaky way to make it more difficult to be detected, but happens every time you do these steps and also if u use any other dinos from outside mods, not just mine." This is showing the IMMATURITY that is happening between the developers. Annunaki is showing a good example of dictating what mods can go on a server and what can not. They have crossed the line from a friendly competition between two mods to punishing the community for choosing to use other mods. If this continues monopolies will form. They are showing they are heading down the path of Hitler. As Hitler used the Jews as scapegoats for any problems, Annunaki has decided to use other mods as their scapegoats. A scapegoat is a person or thing that blame is put on instead of what the real issue is. Another resemblance is that they both are using unconventional methods to force people to take their side. Annunaki is using 

Another thing Pegi16 has said is "Plus the author psycho has been deleting all comments and questions raised by players about this." This interested me so I decided to look into it. After monitoring their posts, I have noticed that posts seem to be disappearing. I took it into my own hands and made a post of my issue, which stated this whole thing. Their response was a deleted post and ignoring it. I made sure to properly inform the issue, showing proof of the error and even watched how I worded it. This is not how a mod author should treat his\her fans. If we do not do something soon, this issue may get even wilder and eventually ruin the Ark community as a whole. These wars are only affecting the community and are going nowhere for the developers. We need to stand up to anyone who is purposely trying to force their mod independence.

In this post I have mainly focused on Annunaki Genesis and Dragon Gods mods because they are currently the best example to use. They are commonly paired together in mod packs and complement each other beautiful. If we do not stop this issue at its roots, it may start infecting other mods that we love and then causing the community to fail. Ark is still in development and I would prefer to have it last years after its official release. But with this chaos brewing, Ark might start loosing its fanbase for a less volatile community. If you love Ark and want it to last, stand and take action. Tell you friends, comment on videos, message on the boards of mods that are abusing their power.

Proof: xbcrafted vs war priest xbcrafted vs warden
Steam Community :: Annunaki Genesis (v3.21.0) :: Discussions (might wanna translate it)

Now that’s stupid.

So the Annunaki author or authors are intentionally messing up other mods to block and/or limit what mods we can install and use along his/theirs?

They’re nerfing, limiting, and blocking other dino mods so their edited dinos are stronger. Is very childish, is like some snotty brat making his toys look like the ultimate and invincible best and only option.

Pegi16 is in her right to not let the annunaky author(s) block, nerf, or limit her mod in any way, if I subscribe to a mod is because I want to use it just like the author describe it and made it to be, and I absolutely don’t want another mod intentionally breaking it.

I don’t like annunaky, I don’t play annunaky, and would never install that mod now that I know what they’re doing with it.

Well we let people play what they want when they want…nothing for Annunaky is in our mod or ever will be

if its not in the KIT Wildcard gives us…it won’t go in our mods…ever.

so go…play…enjoy…we made this for you.

dafuq? Nice way to “stop a war”