This script will only print the false option

Even though my AiSoldier runs into the “lose life radius” and gets destroyed, it will always print the text coming from the one that states he was not in the radius.

Something must be wrong, but I dont know what it is :confused:

Well your Actor is destroyed, because the Destroy-node is called anyway.

I dont understand the purpose behind that test (seems redundant) but you might check your collision details regarding overlapping events.

cos you see my problem is if i put a script saying “if actor dies, get money” then that means you will get money when youre meant to ONLY lose a life.

so as i understand you want to filter the overlap result. then why don’t just use the output from the overlap event?
sorry if I might not understand this

One of my comments got removed lol.

I want to say: “When this actor dies → if in this radius, then lose a life, if not in this radius, then get money.”

Or am I going about this totally wrong ?

I was just curious why you didnt use the overlap event outputs for comparison

I’ve decided to put them in separate places and do it that way, thanks for trying to help :slight_smile: