This question did not deserve to live!

I am sorry for placing junk in the answerhub!

You don’t lose Karma when someone answers on an accepted answer anymore.
Your Karma is updated every hour and it always represent the current Karma you made in the last 7 days. So, today is Tuesday, if I made 100 Karma last Wednesday, I will lose this 100 Karma tomorrow.
And yes, Karma is pretty broken, but if you really want that badge, you should be more concerned about people not clicking on the accept as answer button. :smiley:

I have now done what I should have done to begin with and deleted the rest of the comments. You can of course put the desperate plea for karma points back up if you wish. :slight_smile:

Who knows, maybe a good samaritan from Epic will award you those points. I have also unsubscribed myself from this question.

When it comes to the answerhub, I am cured for now and can focus on my project. So for that, I thank you! :wink:

“Desperate Plea for Karma Points” “good samaritan from Epic will award you those points”

Who are you and what’s up with that language?
How about you use the search function on answerhub and get a grasp why we ask people to mark the accepted answers. Yeah, we also get Karma for that, but the main force is helping people and getting help from other people. If you can’t get this simple logic in your brain and paint your own interpretation to it, go ahead. However, whenever you hit a wall in your development, you will miss the help from other people. Good luck on your project, lone wolf.

My brain disconnects when I drink alcohol and it lead to that powerfully lame comment. It does not reflect my feeling on the matter discussed in any way, shape or form and it is centainly NOT an attitude I wish to project towards others. Still, this is exacly what I am doing here and for this I am truly very sorry!!! And for the recond, I am not trying to blame alcohol, I am trying to blame me.