This problem is likely a showstopper for my project.

I have a really nice showcase of MMO style game play and a combat system all hooked up and even an arena level too. With that said this picture here below depicts the biggest problem I have been facing with the project so far. Random file corruption of child objects.

Now I have been kind of just shrugging it off as I continue to move forward. With that said I have just recently setup a class for the MMO that has 30 or so abilities/spells/actions give or take. The image that you are seeing is one of many of these child objects based off of the main action blueprint that powers every action in the game. This file has been read only since roughly 3:00 PM today. It is now 10:15 as I type this. This file has been reset to default settings without prompt.

If I close the editor
If the editor crashes

1-5 of these read only child blueprints that I haven’t even touched all day long will suddenly reset to its default settings. No warnings, no prompts, no reasons. I am not doing anything crazy these are children of an actor class that specify some settings to make it behave how that ability should behave.

An MMO project like this will have hundreds maybe even thousands of child blueprints like this.

I absolutely need this problem to stop.

I just had the pleasure of it unhooking one very important pin from a struct. And it also just hosed my casters AOE healing action randomly. The file is still read only.

Can someone at least explain how a file that is read only is being modified by UE4?

This wasn’t a crash. I merely had to close the editor and open it again. I made sure everything was saved.

I get random pins getting unhooked for no reason as well.

Now I am dealing with multiple pins disconnecting randomly. It appears that a struct I am using is losing its pins.

It also appears that there is literally nothing I can do to prevent the child actors from resetting. They reset even while read only. I attempted to save the files to another folder and just copy them back over the old files after the editor is started. This doesn’t seem to have any effect?

What is going on with this? This project cannot continue much more with these kinds of issues!

edit: With that said, the problems are super consistent right now so debugging would likely be very straight forward. Ill gladly put the project up for download if the devs want to see for themselves what is going on.

Have you posted this on answerhub? I would do that. Staff is more likely to see it and dig more deeply into it even if you can send them your project. I’ve done this.

I have the same problem every few days, too. My child object’s class properties are all set to default. I have to restore them from a backup then, all changes are lost.

Hey guys,

I have occasionally seen struct pins disconnect but I have never seen anything happen this reliably. This is indeed a very serious problem and a solid repro case could be useful.

TheFoyer is correct; the AnswerHub is a much better place for us to track serious issues like this. An issue there gets assigned to an actual qa/support staff member and/or escalated to a engine developer once repro can be established.

I am sorry to hear about your frustration with these pins disconnecting on you. As to why it’s “changing” the asset without saving, my guess is that it’s not saving it properly in the first place so when you load it fresh it is not finding the correct pin for some reason. But a real answer will require debugging as you have guessed.

Well on a happy note so far these two issues have been the only real problems I have had with the project. :slight_smile:

Anyway I will gladly put this up for download for someone to debug it. I just had another action get consumed a minute ago and its absolutely discouraging. Its like it just keeps happening randomly every once in awhile.

While the pin issue is pretty bad its bearable compared to completely eating random files for no reason.

How do I move forward with having someone debug this?

The first step is to start an answerhub bug report or BP thread. If you can narrow down the reproduction case it will help. ie, if you make a new blueprint that only has one or two variables and make new class BPs based on that, can you still reliably get it to lose data after restarting? If you can come up with a simpler repro case it will greatly increase the chance that somebody here will be able to reproduce it and fix it.

Usually it is more likely somebody will try to reproduce the bug themselves based on the steps you give to reproduce it, but if that turns out to be impossible, you could upload file to github or some other file sharing site in order to share them with us for debugging.

Include any and all relevant information including UE4 version etc.

I just had a crash and it wiped half of my character abilities. HALF OF THEM!!!

Ill start a thread there today. But honestly this shouldn’t be too hard to repro. Just make heavy use of child actors and enjoy the frustration.

You should read\write them to a text file at runtime, I use Rama’s plugin to do this. You could concatenate a whole chunk of data into a line for each item.

I had the unpin problem as well. Are you passing a variable with the same name but stored in different actor? (like setting one player’s “health” to another player’s “health”) That seemed to be the problem with mine – as soon as I uniquely named variables (sucks, i know) the problem seemed to stop.

I did have problems with disconnecting pins, it was “self” node that return passing of the value ( A to C to B, then c to B to A) where ABC has same value which is “self” or “reference to self nodes”
after i fix it the problem seems to gone, i tried restarting the project and engine couple of times and it’s ok then i save the project, turn off the PC, and go for rest

then the problem came back the next day, when i start the engine again, this time, more pins are disconnected. I put this issue in the answerhub

hopefully someone can share some solution, otherwise i need to remove all Struct from my project and try to use different way. Which is quite painful in this stage

The only solution i find now is whenever i need to modify the struct (rename, adding, reducing, change var type) i need to replace the Struct with the new one, and painfully replace them manually in all BP that using the struct.

If i don’t do that then the random disconnection and error could occurs