This might be a simple issue but can't figure it out. Im trying to both stop my character from sprinting while ADS and stop my Character from jumping and Crounching while in prone position. Help

Help me!!! Please

Here is a video of the problems im having. In Prone character crouchs and jumps. Also I see that when I press my Prone assigned Key while Stand_to_Prone animation it begins a loop this occurs with Prone_to_Stand too

You can try and make some boolean values which indicate what state your character is in. So you could have boolean values called bIsInAds, bIsSprinting, etc. And then you would make some condition checks when attempting to enter each state.

How exactly? I already have codes that specifically don’t allow my character to jump or Prone while in Crouch.these codes do not work with the Prone It’s got to be completely different way to code it.

Like I said, you simply make condition checks using the booleans, For an example, let’s say your character is in prone. If you had some boolean variable called bIsProne, it should be true whenever this character is in a prone state.

Now let’s say I wanted to jump. In the jump code, I would first check to see if I am NOT in prone AND I’m not crouching. If that check passes I can go ahead with jumping.

thanks a bunch man. trying that out as we speak.

No problem mate. Always happy to help! If you got any questions just ask here or set up another thread!