This looks like real-time ray tracing on a high end PC

but it’s real footage.

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Thank you for sharing this insanely visually stunning video! It is so relaxing to watch, especially in 4k! However, watching this made me wish I had a high-end PC with ray-tracing capabilities even more. :upside_down_face:

lol, I think it’s the camera’s FOV and the water reflections that makes it look like Unreal Engine.

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I couldn’t agree more! Thank you again for sharing this incredible experience here in the UE forums. :sunglasses: :+1:

No, its those fake reflections everywhere, this is why all unreal engine games look same.

fake reflections everywhere

Speaking of which! I’d tackle it the other way round.

Tease people this is Nanite 2.0 + Lumen X running under UE 6, and the malcontents will report lighting being all kinds of wrong, geometry crooked, the head-bob made them queasy and that the human eye can’t see past 30fps anyway… :expressionless: