This is terrible, I'm sorry

How great would it be to work with Rama, famous programmer and blueprint master to the stars!? Oh it’d be great, but whats better? You could buy him a south american pack animal and if he named him right… People might stop by the office and say, “What that Alpaca doing in here?” and finally you could say, “No that’s Rama’s Llama Dingdong”

Argh terrible. But I had to write it. It’d be worth it to buy him a Llama tho.

That is horrible… Horribly funny! :smiley:

WTF?.. Either you’re smoking something you shouldn’t be…
You’re making me think Rama is some kind of cult leader :stuck_out_tongue:

Either way one of problems with hiring Rama is that he must get pulled in a 1000 directions by everyone.
But not every project he works on has guaranteed success either, the games business is tricky that way.

Rama is a also saviour to me in many ways. UE wouldnt be usable for me without his incredible BP nodes which epic just … totally forgot to include into the BP system.
And i believe many others experience the same. He completes the engine, so we BP peasants can actually start being productive :slight_smile:

nice to hear Rama is doing so well.

I remember watching his first videos on the old udk forums and thinking “this guy sees code like in the matrix”

his enthusiasm in his vids always made my day.:slight_smile:

Not a Victory nodes user but agree with Gaz his enthusiasm is infectious.
He’s like an unreal spiritual guide, one that never gets into rants / fights.
But he wasn’t always revered, here’s one example from the UDK days etc.
So he’s worked very hard, and must put in huge hours behind the scenes…
Wonder where the other gurus like Spoof / Wormbo / Jetfire have all gone?