This is nightmare inducing. What does it take to update my fork on GitHub?

Git is infuriating me.

I’ve created my own Fork of the Unreal Engine repository on GitHub.
I’ve created a branch called ‘Eclipse-Release’, which is based on the ‘Release’ branch.

I want to pull the newly created 4.16 branch from Epic’s Git Repo into my Fork. How the heck do I do this on I use Source Tree to manage my repro, if that makes any difference.
I want to rebase the ‘Eclipse-Release’ branch onto the 4.16 branch, instead of ‘Release’.

Everywhere I look at this it’s a maze of pull requests, merging etc. I just want to update my fork so I’m up to date with Epic. Why is such a simple task so difficult?!

Please don’t suggest command line stuff. It’s 2017. Who on earth still uses command line?

The only way I feel like I can do this right now, is to delete my fork entirely then create it again. Then I lose my Eclipse-Release branch with all my changes, so that’s extremely not ideal.


The only success I have ever had in updating a fork (of UE4) on GitHub is via the command line :expressionless:

I know you didn’t want to hear that, but, sorry :frowning:

So I’ve found a Terminal button on Source Tree that opens thegit terminal in the repro Im in, so command line stuff may not be so bad now.

Essentially I just want Eclipse_Release to be based on Epics 4.16 branch - but it seems to be impossible without causing a huge amount of resolution errors. I’ve only changed like 6 files.

Does it need to be on GitHub?

When I update the engine for Ground Branch, I do it locally using the .zips.
No need to rebase anything.

I use Beyond Compare to compare our modified source with the new unmodified source with a few content filters.
i.e. ignore any file not containing a // KRIS comment.

Works fine.

I would use Git Bash. Assuming upstream is set to Epic’s repo “can check with git remote -v”. I’d do “git checkout Eclipse-Release”, “git fetch upstream 4.16”, “git merge upstream/4.16”. I hardly ever use rebase.
What bothers me is I will do a simple merge, even after 4.15 it is still rebuilding over 1000 items for the editor doing a normal build “not rebuild”. :frowning: