This is my dream editor & engine. Except for the marketplace....

I think the blueprint system & internal multiplayer support are incredible! Everything is just as I dreamed of.
But why is the marketplace so lack of contents?
I think to build a developer community, the engine itself is important, but what’s essential is we get everybody communicate& trade with one another!
To be honest, I think unity’s asset store has been useful, yet our marketplace is not.

Unity asset store has been around for much longer, over time there will be more content available.

Also, not only has the UE4 marketplace been around for a very short time compared to Unity, but UE4 isnt a free-for-all marketplace like Unity. UE4s marketplace has a submission process where it has to get reviewed to make sure it works and is up to a certain quality. Unity marketplace anyone can submit anything, at anytime they want. UE4 rolls out updates every Wednesday. There are no low quality assets on the UE4 marketplace like there is on the Unity marketplace.

The marketplace is missing some features you would expect from an online market though, wishlist and shopping cart to name acouple, it is getting better but the search still leaves alot to be desired.