This is Game Graphics Outsourcing Studio "design level".

“design level” is a Korean Game Graphics Outsourcing Studio specializing in game graphics that was established in South Korea in 2010. “design level” is the company’s focus, with over 10 years of experts in each field. We strive to satisfy clients from 2D to 3D. We provide graphics to various clients in Korea, Japan and China. We received a lot of work from them and produced the results that satisfy them. From 2018, we will be active in English too. And we are looking for new game projects or work. We also accept for testing requests. So, please contact me anytime if you would like to outsource. We will guarantee you with low cost and high quality. Please don’t hesitate to request a test job to us. If you are satisfied with our work, you can decide at that time.

There are things in the company’s profile that are not disclosed by the Business Trade Regulations.
Please feel free to contact me at any time and I will explain it in more detail.

Also, on the website we have a portfolio of more information. So please check out.](
**If you want a portfolio of specific areas, we will send it to you further. **

If you need to estimate the work details and confirm the work schedule, please contact us and we will explain it in detail.

I hope we will have a good relationship and make a good result.
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[Working Area]
Game Graphic 2D Character Design
Game Graphic 2D Background Design
Game Graphic 2D Animation (spine,Live2D)
Game Graphic 3D Character Design
Game Graphic 3D Background Design
Game Graphic 3D Animation
Game Graphic 3D Effect
VR Graphic
Substance, Unity, Unreal Engine, Spine 2D, Live 2D, Anima 2D, 3D max, Maya

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Skype : dslevel_en
Contacts : +82 10.5695.0086

Jeong Hyeon Song PM