This has Unreal written all over it

Saw this video of the Mandalorian and it looks like Unreal to me. Anyone else think so?
The Mandalorian

Given that they used Unreal Engine for the series production, it would probably be smart to re-use that art where possible for the game :slight_smile:

Won’t be long until those two industries become a single one.

I have a strong suspicion that this is fan-made rather than an official development project. The reason I say this is that the animations of the playable character look incredibly similar to ALS, and the footsteps are identical to the footsteps in ALS. Furthermore, there is an animation dissonance between the swinging and the locomotion. By default ALS doesnt have swinging animations and it is likely the swinging animation was handmade, and the animator wasnt able to reproduce ALS’s animation style for the swing.

Regardless, this looks really cool! I’m always gonna get weak at the knees for beautiful Sci-Shooters

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