This guy is selling ripped assets from call of duty!…ask-pack-37-in Look closely at these masks! My friend just bought this pack for our game! As we looked at them we realized they are ripped straight out of games like Call of Duty Modern Warfare, and Americas Army Proving grounds! I am very upset and ****** off. This guy has had a store for over a year with multiple products on it. After closer inspection I can confirm they are all completely stolen assets! Epic games, should not let this happen on their storefront! I want a refund for my friend! Also, it would not be right for Epic games to simply delete the store. This needs to be done, but also all the customers need to be refunded. Imagine if somebody purchased this, worked hard to implement it in their game. And then publishes their game, and gets a Lawsuit from Activison claiming they are using assets ripped straight from their GAME! Epic, the right thing to due would be to immediately notify anybody who bought this scam, they have been refunded and to tell them to remove all assets from this creator out of their projects!

Look at the screenshots from the market place. Then look at these images. This is a russian soldier from call of duty with one of the stolen masks
This is a soldier from Americas Army proving grounds with another stolen mask!

Market place community please back me up! Anybody who works hard to make and sell assets, this guy practically spit in your face by selling stolen stuff!
Here is a link to this theifs YouTube channel showcasing his stolen stuff!