This FREE content is unfortunately misleading

the new Terraform plugin appears in the FREE section of the marketplace,
but it only have an external link to the site, and the only way to actually get the “FREE” plugin is to take a yearly subscription at a cost of 99 Euro.

Please do not place content in a Free category if its just a link to a paywall.
this is misleading, and unfortunate because I really wanted to try out this Free content……duct/terraform

they do show a 10 day trial period, but to access that you still have to actually sign up for the yearly subscription, and provide them with payment details and all that. this still does not count as free, as anything that is free even a trial will not require you to sign up for a paid subscription.

The ‘External Link’ is sort of a giveaway.

Sure, but the OP’s point is still valid. If a marketplace item can’t be used without payment, then it shouldn’t be in the Free section, external link or not. I think that because it is not charging anything on the Unreal Marketplace, Epic is allowing it to be marked free, but that is certainly misleading. That said, this has only cost you a couple extra clicks to find out. Nothing out of pocket. So, annoying, but not harmful.

where have been other stuff featuring free plugins on external sites, where the link actually takes you to a site where you get the plugin for free.

the external link should not be seen as a Free link to a Paid site, because if that practice is acceptable and becomes the norm then everyone can release “Free” models on the unreal market only to place links to the selling page of sites like cgtrader…see how that can quickly become messy real bad if it is allowed as acceptable practice…