This Device only supports OpenGL ES 2/3 which is not supported , only supports ES 3.1+

Sorry , It very new for me to Develop Mobile
When i package Android Project APK (UE4 version 4.25.1 ) and i use Bluestack or Memu to install APK File
It not working
How can I fix this Step or Anyone have this solution , Thank you

I have the same issue, I am waiting for an answer to this question.

me too need this answer

Link here i’m get this error, then i found this…
“OpenGL ES 2.0 is deprecated in 4.23 and 4.24. It will not be active by default, but you can enable it in your Project Settings. It is fully removed in 4.25.”

If there was a way to downgrade the project we could still use ES 2.0, it sucks that it’s not supported anymore

I have the same problem . So the solution is to use older versions?

Since 4.24 ES2.0 is deprecated (You still can use it) and on 4.25 is completely removed. If you want to use 2.0 you need to use 4.24 or older version of UE. As I’ve tried to emulate the game on PC it doesn’t support ES3 so you have to build it on a real device to test it

I have th same problem in 4.25.3. Is there any reply?

No, you cannot do it. ES2.0 is a relic from over a decade ago and is no longer supported. You will either have to use an old version of the engine, or test on a modern mobile device.

Yes.I test it on my photo is ok. I’d like to know when the 4.25.3 version can support most emulators.I get message that Android API after 5.0 can support OpenGL ES3.1. OpenGL ES  |  Desarrolladores de Android  |  Android Developers