This course is valid to learn UE4?

Hello guys

I want to learn how to use the UE4. I’m a beginner with c++ (I’m frequenting the second year of university) but I want to improve my skills also at home and try to do thing that I like (videogames <3).

I found this course on Udemy: and (now is on sale) and I want to try it.

My question is: it’s valid or I can find better online? This course do c++ and UE4, what do you think?

Thank a lot for the answers.

Salutations Dogenn,

I am taking that course on the side and am just about done with the third section (BattleTanks).
I can vouch for this being a very good way to do Unreal and C++ together. In fact it’s one of the better Unreal Udemy courses in general (there are some pretty bad ones out there).
The first section, Bulls and Cows, is very slow because he teaches you that section as if you know nothing. Don’t be discouraged, as it speeds up as it goes along and he is convinced you’ve learned the basics.

If you want to learn just start practicing with UE4. Blueprints are a good place, you’ll probably start multiple projects over and over so it’s good to get practice and learning asap. Your choice of schooling is up to you but the immediate practice on top of that is a good idea. Make a game idea that you have in your head, try to get it made. Just trying to figure it out will teach about the plethora of variables to mess with.