This blows the stupid Kite demo straight out of the water - and it runs on ANY hardware

I am really ****ed with the stunt Epic did with the Kite demo.

All trailers looked really cool and everyone was saying that this is what you can do with UE4, this is UE4. Just read website talking about the trailer. I was really looking forward to it.
They did not publish any hardware specs along with the trailer though, so everyone assumed it would run on hardware that is say medium spec for nowadays games.
Then it turns out, you need really serious hardware to even run the runtime exe, not to mention the Editor. My machine runs any of the latest AAA titles without a hiccup…but not the idiotic kite demo.
Then looking at the Kite Demo it does not actually look that much better than many recent open world games or other demos which run on medium hardware.
No need to think CD Project Red, just think Red Dead Redemption a few years back… what’s the difference to the Kite Demo here?

I have two questions:

  1. Is Epic just incapable of optimizing their engine because they only get developers who are left over and did not get jobs at AAA companies?
  2. Was it on purpose that they the did not publish hardware specs with their Kite trailer?

Take a look at this: it will run on ANY hardware and blows the Kite Demo straight out of the water!
Download it, try it and realize how pitiful UE4 is optimized! At some point, Epic should really just stick with cranking up their shrink-worthy first person shooters and stop trying…


The original Kite Demo presentation ran on a Titan X… it costs like 1200 dollars.
And you thought that it would be running perfectly on on a medium system?

Seems a bit strange to think this.

I am sorry but the Kite demo is to show of next gen technology.

It requires a really good computer to get it to run at all.
To be more precise a ton of ram and a very strong gpu/cpu.

The UniEngine demo is very impressive and well optimized but the map is about 1000 times smaller and there is about 100 times less detail.


Not even in de same comparison really. Kite Demo is truly Next Gen.

The Kite demo looks better by far. The Kite demo specifically stated running on a Titan X at 1080p 30fps. Just because something doesn’t appear better initially doesn’t mean in any way it should be less demanding. The Kite demo takes advantage of photocapped 8K textures, a very large world, and advanced features such as ray traced dynamic shadows, global illumination and other advanced features. There are some glaring flaws in UE4’s optimization but it isn’t as bad as you claim.

: Yawn. Why do you need to have your own thread to trash Epic. This is getting old.

The kite demo is a tech demo. Not a game. Not a benchmark, the only performance goal was to run at 30 fps on a Titan X. If you want to look at a pretty (and somewhat) performance optimized UE4 level, there’s the Unreal Tournament Outpost map, but even still, that is a pre alpha game, it’ll only get prettier and better performance as it moves further along into production.

The Kite demo is using a lot of new graphics tech and ridiculous texture resolution and level of detail, and was mostly built around making it look as pretty as possible for the final cinematic. There’s parts that wouldn’t work well for a game, and it’s not meant to be a guide or reference about how to make a open world level for an actual game.

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