"this appears to be a new device"?

for the second time in 2 days I keep getting a message from a launcher saying " T
**This appears to be a new device, browser or location. A security code has been sent to your email address his appears to be a new device, browser or location. **A security code has been sent to your email address " I have not changed PC or anything and I keep getting send a code to my email? what is this about

Sounds like the 2 step authentication, it can be disabled. It’s in your profile, bottom of Password & Security tab. Interestingly enough, you appear to be logged in :expressionless:

thanks, but why would it be telling me about having a new device or location when nothing has changed, could it be from a bigger problem like people using my account?

Not sure, I activated mine manually. I can imagine that clearing browsing data (cookies, cache) or using a different browser could trigger this. Or it might be just a ghost in the machine.

Today, when I went to Answer Hub I was logged in as 2 different people. Ninja.H(something, something, and then someone else a minute or so later).
It was only a visual glitch, though - still, pretty odd. That username came from somewhere…

We have seen this happen occasionally and we’re working to resolve it. The good news is that this does not an indication of a compromised account. Thanks for reporting this.



Our team is investigating this as well. Thanks for letting us know.

This just happened recently in my brother’s account but he cant check his authenticator code because he is using facebook account. Can you help me?

It’s not very nice to lie to your customers. This isn’t a mysterious rare glitch, it is a standard policy across the majority of high-budget websites offering online accounts. The server has a standard set of policies for prompting a security code for login, and a standard error message when login prompts for a security code to be entered. This was a completely standard error message on a completely standard security code prompt. There was no error.

The reason it appears to be an error is because the message does not accurately represent the actual conditions which provoke the server to request a security code.

My question is two-fold:

1.) Why would you lie about the provocation for needing a security code?

2.) Why would you lie about lying?