Thirsty Plants - a Blueprints 2D game

Hi everyone! we wanted to show you our first game that we created using unreal engine 4 without having previous expirience with video game development. Thirsty plants is basically a mental ability game where you control your plants and move them around to mach the color of the water drop or the color displayed in the text (this is according to the game mode) you can download the game here if you want to know more about it: :slight_smile:

image3.jpg image4.png image5.png image6.png

We were working on this game for 3 months aprox and we have to say that we really enjoy the experience of working with blueprints, although we came across the same problems that some other developers, such as the apk size, and the compatibility with mid specs devices.

We hope you enjoy the game, and give us some feedback, we will definitely be using unreal for other projects!.