ThirdPersonCharacter - Walk feature

I don’t understand how I must to use thirperson for making walk better or correctly for multiplayer. At first I maked Custom Event wich will be firing on owning client only, changing max walk speed. Then, same but on server. Multicast disabled yet. Can somebody tell me what I do wrong, or how I can do this better… thx.


tell me is this a dedicated server setup or Host and clients setup.

also, does everyone walks? or is it just the server?

keep in mind, you don’t need multi-cast, because once you notify the server, everyone gets updated.

the game you see and everything that moves , jumps or whatever, you get it from the server, therefore if 1 client sends an event to the server, automatically the server tells all.

tell me more what you are trying to achieve here so I can help.

I use this settings. As I understood, CharacterMovement class it’s C++ native feature, and not support multicast for MaxWalkSpeed in BP mode. Therefore I need to update info on server via multicast when max walk speed will be changed. So, I asked about correctness of this method? Why? Because I read about multicasts on UE wiki where provides that this method can issue some bugs on unstable LAN connection(in particular on high latency connection).

Is nobody has any other advice?