ThirdPersonCharacter blueprint always replicates even when breplicates is set to false

So all you need to do to reproduce the issue (4.22) is to call a spawnActorFromClass (I did it inside the gameMode) while having ‘breplicates’ ‘unchecked’. Tried this with the FirstPersonCharacter and has no problems, just the ‘ThirdPersonCharacter’ blueprint. Any Ideas how I can make this work? I desperately need this :((

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Can anybody see if they can reproduce the issue? it’s rather bizarre really …

Hi, I launch a dedicated server (by checking ‘run dedicated server’ on the ‘multiplayer’ section under ‘play’ button options inside the editor. If it appears in the level then it’s replicated.

How do you know it is replicating?

However, I found out the problem is not in the ‘ThirdPersonCharacter’ blueprint but in my own copy of it (I copied it so I can make my own behavior. I know I should have inherited from it but then I won’t be able to edit or delete inherited values like the skeletal mesh). Anyhow, it seems that there’s nothing wrong with the ‘ThirdPersonCharacter’ blueprint, but my own copy (named it ‘CharacterGuide’ and added some variables and events with a certain behavior) always spawns in client and the client renders it to the screen.

The problem seems to be when class default value for ‘auto possess AI’ property set to when ‘spawned’ or ‘placed in world or spawned’. This leads to somehow overriding the value of ‘breplicates’. This surely is a non-desired behavior.