ThirdPerson BP don't communicate with Anim BP

So yesterday I imported some new character for my game, all skeleton were compatible with the unreal skeleton.

I retarget the skeleton and everything was fine, but I created a pawn BP and I had to retarget 1 skeletal mesh and unreal modify all my other animation and unreal crashed.

When I open again my project, all animation that I used where on the A pose. I re-imported my all animation, but I had a problem where the arm where not at the right place. I retarget the skeleton to another unreal skeleton and fixed the issues, all animation are working fine BUT

I just can get the AnimBP to work with the thirdperson BP. Whatever if I chose a Anim asset or the Anim BP, the character will always stay in a A-pose?

does anyone know what is going on here? should I delete all my unreal skeletal mesh + mesh and reimport all of those?

anyone knows a fix or have any idea how I should tackle this problem? I tried for several hour to find a fix, but I had to take a break because I couldn’t see straight anymore.