Thirdparty static library in mac

hi, i am trying to add boost library into my UE4 project(4.6), but it can’t find .a file when I try to compile it using xcode.(it is working in VisualStudio).

I add library search path by using “PublicLibraryPaths.Add(LibrariesMacPath);”,
but it seems didn’t know the library path I am specify.

the only path it know is: UnrealEngine/Engine/Source/

when i put .a file under the folder, it just working without any problem.(And in xcode Library Search Path is empty, if I put correct library path here also working.)

Is any one know how to solve this problem? or it is XcodeProjectFileGenerator’s bug?

you can find my Build.cs here: Dropbox - Boost.Build.cs - Simplify your life


I solve this problem by myself,
it need assign full path of .a, then build system can find library path…

Here is my solution in case someone waste another day : (

string libBoostSystem = LibrariesMacPath + “/libboost_system.a”;

instead of :