Third Person Viewer for as-built model

Hello Guys,
I am new with Unreal Community, have no experience with Unreal Engine and looking for way to prepare something like third person viewer (kind of game) for existing building/object.
All information about map/level will be gained from real word and model using CAD software, next (I hope) exported to UE.
I have a little experience with game programming using Shiva 3D engine. Below you will find example of project which I’ve already done with shiva (First Person Viewer) and movie with raw data which is collected using Laser scanning technology.

For now I am looking for similar functionality but with better visual effects/graphics.
First of all I would like to prepare simple map/level of mine excavations, with some lights there, and good textures. Moreover I would like to create Skeleton which will be equipped with headlamp, which I will have possibility to turn on/off.
In future I would like to add some vehicles, which can be use by skeleton to drive by map/level, and next maybe possibility to work with oculus rift.

For now I am reading and watching basic tutorials to take basic knowledge of UE, but maybe you are able to give me some tips how to start with it, which way I should to choose, maybe you have any kind of example with simmilar jobs?

Below you will find screens from point cloud which is taken for my object.