third person & vehicle advanced combined. How do i make this?

I want to make a game like GTA. So i can get in and out of the vehicle when ever i want too. basically combined Third person and vehicle advanced

a good starting point might be this free project from a while back

Thank you. But i want to have vehicle advanced. And btw i have cganged my mind i want it to be first person. But i love this thoo.

sorry but i think you really need to have a look at what is on offer, the so called advanced vehicle template is a bodge job and not to scale, the only advanced part of it is that it show the suspencsion set-up

to be very honest if your wanting to make a pro game with vehicles i suggest you find a different engine, afaik support for vehicles is being reduced wether this is due to physx or other reasons no idea, for a hobby game i’d say fine but for pro well thats another story

Okey, well i guess i have to use this than. But do you know if threes any tutorial on how to change the look of the car? And maybe even change the headlining because its drifting a lot when you come up in high speed. Thanks for the advice.

Agree with Geodav…

UE4 cars tend to struggle at anything beyond arcade cars.

However, the following thread / project shows more promise:

Glad to read that you think my project is promising :slight_smile:
(Even tho it need quite a lot of work still)