Third Person Template - walking backwards

anyone know how to make player walking backwards in Third Person Template (in Blueprints)?

I’m not sorry I just can’t help myself.

The answer you seek is YES

Not sure how that’s helpful, OSIAS.

Anywho, I haven’t had issues running backwards. What happens when you try to run backwards?

When I pressed “S” key my character is rotating by 360 degress and then walking toward to camera. I want to achieve walking backwards like Dark Souls.

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So you want to know how to (on key press) make the camera rotate 180 degress so the camera in looking at the front of the character instead of the back?

No, currently in “Third Person Template” is like you say. I want to always looking at the back of character.

Doesn’t the first person template offer a third person view option with a key press?

No, it doesn’t offer.

Disable “Orient Rotation To Movement” in character movement component.

But then my character doesn’t turn left and turn right.
My character should on:

  • W - move forward
  • A - turn left
  • D - turn right
  • S - move backward

Enable orientation once A or D pressed. In C++ it would be better to implement your own movement component in this case, i believe. But in case of blueprint, you’ll have to deal with it like that. There might be another option to do that, but i’m not really aware of it.

I am sorry I can’t help in practice but I can help in theory.

The camera boom is floating at a set distance (X, Y, Z) from the player in the blueprint objects. What I assume you could do is fix the camera to the player object. I did something similar in UDK on accident to a controller I made. I will see if I can dissect it and figure it out for UE4 and share it here.

So I was right. If you drag the camera component off of the boom and onto the player it will stay behind them (At the height or offset that you put it). The only drawback is that WASD all have directions associated with them. So if you are using keys only and no mouse it feels a bit funny. It may be exactly what you want or you could just tweak movement. Either way, here is a screenshot:


If you want more of a third person shooter setup like Gears of War, you need to search for these options in character component’s details panel:

"Orient to movement" - Uncheck this box, and your character will strafe instead of turning to face the direction he’s moving in.
"Use controller rotation yaw" - Check this box, and your character will rotate to match the movement of the camera (controlled by either the mouse or the left stick on a controller), allowing you to walk backwards and strafe while still being able to turn around.

If you want Dark Souls-style controls with a lock-on system to make you face enemies, it’ll be more complicated to set up, but it’s possible. That would take a fair bit of explaining, though :slight_smile:

After this you’ll notice his running animations don’t quite work right, and unfortunately the third-person template doesn’t come with the blend space and strafing animations you’d need to make that work. If that’s what you want, I’d suggest looking at the third person character Blueprints in the Content Examples project - at least a couple of those should have Gears of War-style third-person behavior set up with animation Blueprints too, so you could just find one you like and migrate it to your project to use as a starting point.

Being that it is Epic I feel like it might be a cool request for a GOW-Style 3rd person template.

No it wasn’t at all and again I couldn’t help myself, although in my defense I did answer his question.

Come now, someone posts something so very unclear as to what they need and expect someone else to respond in depth with a reply more then I gave. I am more then willing and happy to help, I get a ton of help from here, I want to give back. If you want something more specific then why not provide it so they are not having to pull teeth to get it. All I am saying is please respect the time of the people your asking help from. It was junk spam forum question… Granted it seems to be turning into something else.


This and then just build in a set of strafe animations and you will be good to go. Pretty turn key built in just have to do both.

For anyone who see this in the future, the answer is here: How to toggle "Orient Rotation to Movement" - Character & Animation - Unreal Engine Forums

Thank you that was very helpful.