Third Person Template - See cursor and use mouse for input without changing camera behavior

Hi there everyone,

I’m extremely new to UE4 and game development in general, and I am curious as to how to make a third person character where the camera follows the mouse and the mouse can interact with the scene all via Blueprints. I’d like to be able to have the following things working simultaneously for my character:

  • Movement with WASD (this is set up by default in the third person template)
  • Third person view that rotates based on the position of my mouse (this is set up by default in the third person template)
  • The ability to see my cursor and use it for mouseover events/inputs (without disabling the automatic camera rotation)

An example of what I’m looking for is something like Guild Wars 2 or Black Desert; you move with WASD, look around with the mouse, and can mouse over and/or click on things to interact with them. The third person template does the first two parts well, but when trying to add mouse interaction I get stuck. When I managed to get the mouse cursor working for events and inputs it disabled the automatic rotation of my camera, which meant I had to hold RMB (right mouse button) to get it to rotate…

Any help is appreciated!


  • Daen

Well, I can tell you how they can see the cursor, just go into your game mode BP in the details panel, and look for a checkbox that says show mouse cursor.