Third Person Template - Mouse Axis Input Ignored when Show Mouse Cursor is selected

Hi everyone,

I’ve researched this quite a bit and am having a lot of trouble figuring this out, I was hoping you might have some input! I am trying to get a pretty simple Dark Souls-esque system going, where I move with WASD and control my camera with the mouse axis. This works fine in the default third person template, but when I enable Show Mouse Cursor on the player controller my mouse axis input is completely ignored unless I hold a mouse button (which has obvious limitations).

I’ve tried just enabling Enable Click Events and Enable Mouse Events, but without also enabling Show Mouse Cursor it’s extremely unreliable as far as where it thinks my cursor is located. Here’s a screenshot of what’s happening:


The white square near my head is the center of my HUD, and where I expected my mouse cursor to be located by default. The rectangular light grey block on the ground is where my cursor should be to make the “Interact with this object by clicking.” dialogue appear, but as you can see the center of my HUD is way off and it’s still showing that text.

TLDR, I have two questions:

  1. How do I enable Show Mouse Cursor while also having my camera follow the cursor exactly as it does without that option selected?
  2. How do I ensure my cursor is in the center of the HUD/screen when Show Mouse Cursor is not enabled?


I’m not sure what the rules are for bumping, but this is definitely something I am interested in figuring out. I appreciate your time!

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I have this problem too. I have set up an RTS camera that should rotate when the user holds down the left alt key, but the axis mapping isn’t registered unless they click something too.