Third Person Template: Default pawn not switching

I’ve created a blueprint for a new pawn and set it as the default pawn in the game mode. When I hit play unreal still uses the default “Third Person Character” that comes with the template? What am I doing wrong?

Project and Settings have a custom game mode.
Inside custom game mode we have a new selected pawn.

I’ve restarted unreal. Nothing.
I’ve duplicated the default third person character while changing out the mesh. Nothing.

Update: Deleting the third person character (forced) forces the game mode to use your default pawn. - Bug?

Is your level using the proper game mode? Check the world outliner make sure the game mode isn’t “none”.

Hi Nebula Games Inc

Absolutely, double checked this a few times thinking I was going nuts. Thanks for taking the time to reply. Im new so its re-assuring im doing the right thing.

I’ve setup the same template, duplicated the third person character, changed both mesh and animation and then set the third person game mode default pawn class to Foxy Character. Still nothing. I may have found a bug.

drag the foxy character in the level and remove the thirdperson character from the level (if foxy is the main player controllable character). i dont think so it should effect anything though.

also i think the player controller needs to changed aswell.

I can confirm this is the solution. Removing the third person character from the game indeed solves the problem.

Thank you for the solution SupDeity!

I wish this helped me. I have the exact same problem, except when I remove third person character, it’s not getting fixed. No matter what pawn I have set in my gameMode, it is not spawning anything now.

Hey @zonfar2,

Have you created your own game mode? If so, can you confirm that your new game mode is either set as default in your project settings and/or is the currently active game mode override in the world settings of your loaded level?

If you are still using the default game mode and are having issues, you may want to consider reloading the starter content of your level. This can be accomplished by clicking the Add button over your content browser, clicking Add Feature or Content Pack, then choosing the content from the template you are trying to add. If you have made changes to existing starter content, you should move that content to another folder in your content browser before proceeding with this process.

I hope this information helps, and good luck!

Thank you! I found out the default ThirdPerson template map shipped overrides the gamemode, as soon as I set the override, all was good! :smiley: