Third Person Template Crashes on Android

Hi guys, I just wanted to test deploying to an android device. I created a C++ Third Person Template project with Mobile Target and Scalable 3D/2D quality settings. I deployed it on my Nexus 5, but the game crashes. I deployed the game 2 times with 2 different methods. The first one was with the Launch button at the top menu of the Editor. The second time I made an Android_ATC package and manually installed it through adb. Both times the game crashes but with different errors

Here is the ADB Log for the Launch deployment

And the ADB Log 2 for the Package deployment

Any ideas what the problem might be?

don’t package that for Android(Multi)

this is an issue that android packaged projects which have sound files will crash after splash screen on some android devices.

package that for ETC 1, ETC 2 and so on but not multi or all

Already reported bug

Some one else who is having this problem

this is the problem Signal 11 caught! from your logs

signal 11 has already ruined me.

signal 11 is the most Hellish signal I have ever seen :))))

I made a package for ET1, but it’s the same mate. Again with that signal 11

so the next and the only way for you seems to be HDR

projectSetting>Rendering >Mobile HDR> reset editor>and then package your game on multi or other…

don’t worry. Epic is investigating about this now. :))

and also try to package on other formats. try them one by one because HDR has bad performance.

It worked mate. Thank you very much. I had Mobile HDR enabled.

I know. The only reason I enabled it is because bloom isn’t working without it. I just wanted to see how it will run on a mid range device.

be careful HDR is really heavy and needs powerful devices.

HDR= High Dynamic Range Lighting