Third person template character arm length calculation?


I’m trying to get the arm length of the third person template character from the clavicle to the hand (any hand really but only need the length of one) and I’m wanting to do this within the anim_blueprint for scaling. I’m trying to get the total length so I can properly scale the characters arms using Razer Hydra calculations. I was trying to accomplish this using sockets from the midpoint of the chest (spine_03 socket moved to about where I would do the hydra mid shoulder calculation) to the right hand (hand_r socket moved to about where the hydra would sit in the hand for the player) all in world space but this doesn’t give me an accurate length since the character is sitting idle during calculation with his arms at his sides (not in T-pose) and thus doesn’t account for the bending of the arm between the two points.

I was wondering if it’s possible to do a length calculation based on the bones themselves within the skeleton to give an accurate length calculation? I wanted to do this all within blueprints if possible.

Thanks in advance for anyone willing to help with this!

If you’re doing bone/socket locations, you can get a complete length by simply adding the lengths together. E.g. shoulder->elbow + elbow->wrist + wrist->palm should give you a pretty accurate length for the character’s arm length.