Third person template bone names not matching up with linetrace by channel

Hi everyone.

I’ve been having some trouble with my line trace by channel system and using it to get the exact bone hit to set up a damage system.

Now, I’ve set up everything to actually identify the right bone on the enemy AI character (derived from third person template) when shooting and dealing damage accordingly etc.

In the screenshot below, I actually test the hit bone name and check through each possible name. If it is true, it carries on to deal damage depending on the area and stops testing. The problem is that for some reason it only goes through as true for the head, spine_01, spine_02 and pelvis. Anything else such as the arms and legs, simply do not return true. So I can currently only deal damage if I shoot the AI in the head, spines, and pelvis even though it still returns the other names like it should.

Please note that I went through the whole system numerous times and there are no clear errors. Everything is linked up the same and is supposed to work. The problem lies with when I specifically test the name to see if it’s equal. So by the time it gets to upperarm_l the name is spelled exactly the same as I did a print screen test to check, but it still comes out as false.

If anyone has any clue on how to fix this. I would greatly appreciate it. I’m urgently working on a solution because we’re getting marks on our prototype next week and so I’ve fixed all the problems that needed fixing except this and it’s quite a crucial part of my prototype.

Thank you.

Hectic… Nevermind. For anyone possibly having made the same dumb mistake as I. When comparing bone names, even if it is displayed as upperarm_r or upperarm_l, the L(Left) and R(Right) parts of the name should be in capital letters.