Third person shooting - Help with glitch

Hi, i’ve been struggling with this for a while before I went to the answers hub and my question has 13 views in 4 days, aint nobody got time fo dat, anyway i’m desperate for help and my problem is best explained in this video.

Link to question on answers hub

Thanks in advance anyone that helps

Debug your BPs/animgraphs. Something is “latching” the animation to loop over and over again, and as you try to turn, it’s trying to play two separate animations at the same time. My guess is that it’s a boolean that isn’t going back to false until you unzoom.

Hi IronicParadox, Thanks for your response, yeah i think the blend poses by boolean has something to do with the problem, the glitch stops when you unzoom however that’s my main issue, i don’t want to have to unzoom for it to work again. Also i’ve noticed even if i don’t play another animation at the same time and leave the blend pose empty i still get that weird glitch.

If anyone stumbles across this i’ve figured out the problem and posted it on the answers hub.