Third Person Shooter Template

can you please complement the Third Person Template with aiming poses to transform it into a Third Person “Shooter” Template?
also complement the step by step Third Person video tutorial to demonstrate how to combine the animations(walk/run) and the aiming poses(forward up,forward center and forward down) with AimOffset Node?
Third Person Shooter is the kind of game I intend to do with Unreal 4 but I still do not know how to properly…
I think that AimOffset need a detailed explanation.

That sounds like a good idea, aiming is certainly something we should cover in our tutorial materials. We are having a discussion here about the best way to implement it. Thanks!

the game templates and the quality of the step by step Official videos tutorials are awesome
just watching the videos and testing the templates I realized that I can already create a “simple casual” game for iOS easily with Blueprints
but I still need to know how to aim properly
good to know that you listen to ideas and suggestions from the community