Third Person Shooter Eyesight enemy culling

Hey guys, I have been trying to find a solution for a while now and can’t seem to find a method that will work correctly.

Basically I have the players third person character with the camera attached above and to the right, what I am trying to do is based on the head location and rotation of the character it will detect if an enemy is in that FOV and either keep it visible or cull them based on that.

I got it work on a very basic level, a line trace that goes from that head straight out towards wherever its rotated too but it only works when part of the body is visible at a certain height and only 1 trace, I would need it to trace the entire body so even if a bit of a players foot is sticking out it can detect that and render the enemy.

I attached a photo of what I mean, when the player is behind cover the enemies won’t be render, when he comes out they will render if any part of the body is showing (this is the part im struggling with as it needs to be accurate)

I’ve seen some people do traces to specific body parts per character (head, chest, left hand, right hand, left leg right leg). It’s more calculation intensive but could be a solution.
If all of the tests fail then the character is set to hidden.