Third person shooter character/camera movement

Hey, so for starters, I’m very new to game making in general and very very new to UE4.

For my project I want to make a third person shooter. I started with the third person template and first added a crosshair to the HUD and offset the camera. Great! There are just two more main changes that I want to make to the controls for now. First is when the character is stationary, I want the character to rotate with the camera as apposed to the default which is the camera rotating around the character. The best solution I could come up with to do that was with this blueprint network

This seems to work fine, I just wanted to post it for a sanity check or if there is something better I should be doing. Also, the reason for the branch is I only want to set the character rotation when it is stationary since when it is moving the character seems to rotate in the direction of movement which is fine with one major exception, backward movement. That brings me to the second change I want to make to the controls. When the character is moving backward I want it to run backwards while facing forward as apposed to the default of running forwards while facing backwards. Again, this seems to happen because the character rotates to face the direction of movement but I can’t figure out how to make him not do that in the backward direction and continue to let him do that in the forward, left and right directions. Also, I’m not worried about animations right now. I imagine that it will look like the character is moon-walking which is fine, I’ll deal with that next.

thanks man! this was very helpful! , the only thing that I`ve changed is not using followcamera ,and using the cameraboom !