third person shooter, aiming system

Hello I am having a lot of trouble, I can find to s of first person shooter tutorials but nothing for third person… can anyone please! Help me with setting up a third person aim system. Something like Ghost recon or splinter cell blacklist would be perfect. Please I am totally lost. Thank you for your help .

I’m working on the same thing. My character is done entirely with blueprint. Here’s a clip of what I’ve come up with so far:

[video]BlueprintIronsight.mp4 - Google Drive

One issue I’m having is that clients are not slowing down while aiming in multiplayer mode.

That should at least help you get started.

Looking really good there W1930U7.

Thank you and your progress looks great.

Thank you and your welcome.
If you figure out how to get it to replicate correctly, let me know :smiley: