Third person punch missing variable

There I followed this tutorial in ue 4.6

exact way the tutorial shown
they shown where mycharacter bluprint have to make variable IsPunching? compile n save
then go to character eventgraph u have to make IsPunching? variable again
bt which variable get call from mycharacter bluprint there no called variable coming
even in animgraph where he shown slot which is unnamed that missing too

Please help me or share me punching tutorial which is compatible with 4.6

Your problem is, that you cant get the variable from the character bp? → you have to enable “Editable” in the variable properties (in your character bp). Now you should be abel to get the variable with the cast node (in the anim graph) :slight_smile:

Thnx its work…
Do u hav any bluprint which i can make different moves like punch kick
right punch left punch