Third person mode not working

Hello there . im working on a level who was created for cinematic purpose , but now i want to create some shot in third person mode . so i imported the third person game mode and third person character BP via the content browser and content pack

i have issue as after droping the third person character and a player start , and clicking on Play , my viewport show me a view from a player camera manager located at 0.0.0 where i cant move

i did try to look on internet and look for solution and here are the thing i already did to troubleshot the issue

  • set GameMode override in ThirdPersonGameMode in world settings
  • set input/Auto receive imput : Player0 for the third person character
  • tryed to set input/auto receive input :player 0for the player start ( i tryed with and whitout )
  • set autoposses on Player 0

i also want to mention some point who might help

  • some reason when im on PIE , the thirdperson character doesn’t appear
  • When in PIE i can eject , navigate and see the camera set at 0.0.0 but i cant movie it
  • my blue print are empty
  • i dont have a camera here in the sequencer

on the screenshot you can see where i spawn and the camera at 0.0.0 that i cant move ( and who is not in the outliner when out of Play mode )