Third Person Locomotion (ledge climbing, wall run, wall jump, sliding etc)

Hey Guys,

I wanted to start working on some in game animations, and figured what better way to present them then in game.

Currently this is the bare bones of what I’m trying to accomplish; movement and animations are entirely placeholder. I’m currently tracing a capsule in front of the player for collisions and then a box from above the player to where the collision takes place to determine whether the player can climb this, or whether if the player is falling they can hang from it.
(Playback while recording was double the speed for some reason, so apologies for sucking hard while playing this!)

Next I want to start implementing how the character will move during wall running, and hanging from a ledge (currently the character just floats in front of the ledge until moved away from the wall or another action is taken). From there I might work in some more mechanics, or start building some of the animations so my character doesn’t run like he’s holding in a ****.

Any advice or critique would be really appreciated! And thank you to Horus, Alex3d, and various other members who’s previous conversations about ledge climbing have been very helpful.

Another nice work! This is more or less how my system works. After having the basics working, you will have to decide to set limits, corners detection, and lots of other situations.
Glad to see several projects like mine on the forum. Good work.

Thank you!

Yeah still lots to do! Wanted to show early on in case anyone noticed I was doing something that was going to cause issues. Just trying to break what I’ve created so far as much as possible, hopefully reveal errors that may occur further down the line.

That is a good move. By the way, are you using BP or C++ ?

I’m using Blueprints at the moment. I’ve got experience with C++, but haven’t seen any need to apply direct code yet. That and I’m quite a fan of visual programming :slight_smile:

Me too! BP is so simple to use! I like it very much!

Looking very good mate! Keep up the good work