Third Person Jumping Problem

Hi There

I am kinda new to working with Unreal Engine, Blendspaces and animations, but so far i have managed to make a character that can run and crouch. I have animation blendspaces for running, idle, crouching an jumping idle atm.

My problem is when i hit the play button my character starts the “games” with a jump. If i then press jump the character lifts from the ground, but the animation does not start until the character has landed again, which makes it jump again by it self, this time with the right animation.
When i then run around and then stops, the character wil again make a jump by it self with the right animation in place.

I have to idea how to aproach this at this point in time, but i will provide video of the problem along with my animation_BP and my ThirdPersonCharacter Blueprint to this post in the hope that someone is able to help me