Third Person - Idle Standing to Idle Ironsights Hip and Engaging with an Enemy Using Ironsights Aiming after picking up a weapon


Me again. Nerves of steel? Yeah right. Not happening. I have ask this, because I have found nothing specific to my needs that I have enquired about through the vast plethora of questions that you all selflessly responded to.

Idk if this will be complicated or not. I’m one of those people who asks a simple question to someone in the real word and all I get are cattle stares, so at least I can be safe in the knowledge that I am surrounded by good, intelligent people. I am literally just learning all of the aspects of what it takes to make a video game and coupled with my high functioning Autism that took 28 years to diagnose (saying that is a habit to protect myself forgive me), I have found something that keeps me chill, has given me confidence and self esteem, that being tinkering around with Unreal Engine.

Ok, so this is the question:

I want my character to start out unarmed, so jogging around like the third person mannequin does. After picking up a weapon like an assault rifle, they enter into an ironsights hip idle animation and again, they can run around with the assault rifle at the hip not firing until there is an enemy to engage with. Then when an enemy is to be engaged the next animations transitions into that of combat using the aiming ironsights blend spaces. So using all three to transition back and forth from unarmed, to equipping a weapon to aiming/engaging in combat. How does one go about doing that?

If that makes any sense whatsoever. :sweat_smile:

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