Third Person Grabbing

I’m trying to learn the Engine. So I wanted to let the character with a key press to hold to any object is near him and if I press the key again to let go of the object but i can’t figure out how to do this. I also looked for days on Google and here in the Community but can’t find anything. If any of you know how to help I would appreciate it. :slight_smile:
Also sorry for my bad english.

as a quick hint id suggest looking into the attach to actor node.

Below is one method to accomplish this at the most basic level. beyond this you can get fancy with setting the position of the object and using animations. also the below script was done on the item to be picked up bus could easily be adapted to be run on the player character using a trace instead of a collision volume.

Hey thanks for helping me out. Will try it today and thanks again :slight_smile: