Third Person Double Jump Troubles

Hello! I’m very new to working with this engine and I’ve spent a good while searching here and AnswerHub for an answer to my questions regarding some issues I’m having implementing a proper double jump. I’m not sure if I’m just not searching the right terms. I’ve followed a video tutorial for implementing the double jump but a couple of things seem off to me.

The first issue I’m having is that I’m able to rotate my player a full 360 degrees while I’m in the middle of a jump. The character only travels in the air in the direction he was moving when I started the jump because I have Air Control set to 0 but I want to also constrain my character to only face the direction that he is jumping.

This is the blueprint I’m using currently:

The second problem that I’ve run into is that I want to play a separate animation for my second jump and have different properties from the base jump, such as jump height and allowing direction change based on player input at that point. I’m just completely lost on how to go about it.

I was hoping to find, like, a beginner thread or something along those lines where I could post these questions because I’m embarrassed by how much my ignorance is showing. Any help is greatly appreciated!

I’d look into “Orient Rotation to movement” it’s in your “Character Movement”…drag off of there…that’ll stop letting the character rotate due to axis movement…just check/uncheck it on Jump and land…

as for animations play an anim montage for the second jump…you’ll know it’s a second jump by getting the jump count …branch off based on which jump you’re on and play your animation right before you call “Jump”…really any logic you want can be placed there just have to get the jump count…

Thanks much much for taking the time to respond. I was able to constrain the characters in air rotation perfectly using orient rotation to movement. I think I’m starting to wrap my head around blueprints a little better. There are just so many actions that I’m not sure what all of their functions are. This is my updated jump section:

And this is what I’ve created to change the parameters on the second jump:

The set jump z velocity I’m using on land is just the value from the character movement component. I think I’m doing it right but any tips would be greatly appreciated.