Third Person Crouch Makes The Actor Go Upwards

I’m using a Third Person template for a First Person looking game. I attached and moved the camera to actor’s head. After enabling ‘Can Crouch’, I did a simple Flip-Flop to Crouch and Uncrouch with the ‘C’ keyboard input. Apparently Crouch Function makes my actor and camera go upwards a bit whenever I hit the button for a crouch action. Tried to change ‘Half Height’ and any other crouch related settings but couldn’t manage to make it work as it should. From what I understand after searching the web, I should do the Crouch ability without Crouch functions just because it’s a Third Person template. But I don’t know how to set up a crouch ability without that in-engine function. I couldn’t find anything on Youtube, so here is my only shot. Can someone help?

Can someone help? Thank you.

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It’s hard to say what’s wrong, maybe you could post a screen of how it looks, or a gif in how in changes?

Have you tried debugging it? Did you find anything suspicious?

Maybe you could use the boolean from the FlipFlop to set the boolean “crouched”, and make sure that you are only crouched when it’s execution path A running?

Have you figured it out yet? I’m about to jump into trying to solve it. I have exactly the same issue and thought I’d look online first.

I’ll spend a good half an hour with the crouch function, otherwise, I’ll set it up manually which won’t be hard.

Got it. Very simple fix. Just make double sure, because I notice you said you had already tried this.

  • Go to the character movement.
  • Search for crouch in the details panel.
  • Set crouched half height to about 20.
  • Also, make sure can crouch is enabled.

Hope it helps