Third Person Controller as in Unity?


I am exploring UE because Unity does not seem to be the right engine for me, they seem to be concentrating more the mobile market.

I would like to ask if there is a Third Person Controller available that would act something like the RE4 controller.
Unity has an asset here:

The asset itself is great, but the engine itself introduces so much slowliness that I am tempted to try out another engine.

I have seen the great demo where that robot is running around the plant.
That looked really nice, but I am totally unsure if that is a ready-made RE4 controller already or if one has to invest more time to get something like an RE4 controller running.
On the UE4 market I have not found an appropriate controller yet.

Thank you for the help!

Oh wow… I’m not that up2date with Unity assest store but this looks truely amazing. Unfortunately there isn’t something that cames close to this in the UE4 marketplace right now.

But there are lot of tutorials and it actually makes fun to create something with UE4.

Tutorial example (currently 7 parts) that should give you a good starting point:
Pro: You should end with a custom character that could run around, jump, change in aim/combat mode and equip and unequip weapon and because you did this yourself following the tutorial you should have a clue where to change things later.
Missing: Multiplayer needs tweaking (aimoffset is not replicated just movement), Anim montage of equip and unequip is not split into upper body and lower body (could be fixed easy) … jumping in combat mode is not split to upper/lower body (could be fixed easy either). No shooting (could be more tricky in third person than in first person). And compared to your mentioned asset no root motion, no IK, no AI, no climbing, no cover.

Generic Sample Shooter Project in marketplace:
Pro: It’s good to get some ideas how others solved issues. You get a first person and third person controller and it’s ready for multiplayer. I consider this pack more like the neighbor in the school when writing a test. I would not use this to build a project on top of this and lot of stuff is still missing and not polished or you would find wires that are not plugged into something right now. There is a lobby system and GUI stuff included. He says “bang” when you hit fire. How cool is that? :slight_smile:
Missing (if you would go for 3rd person): You could switch to 3rd person but it’s not really made for 3rd person because camera movement is pretty limited. No turn anim if you change yaw (feet just slide on the ground when turning around) and aim offset just uses pitch (spine does not turn left and right just up and down). No jump, no IK, no AI, no climbing, no cover, no root motion…

Thank you very much for the insights!
I guess I will wait a while and see if Unity finally becomes an engine that is able to create good looking desktop games (in 2 or 3 years… :slight_smile: or if somebody creates a great RE4 style Third Person Controller for UE.
Doing it myself would be a disaster I think.

RE4 looks very nice. Would be pretty cool to get something like that in UE4 store but it’s not like you are completely on your own reinventing the wheel from scratch in everything. There are lots of good tutorials from Epic and even many others from engine users. In 2 or 3 years even other engines would make progress. In my opinion Unity is a serious competitor and can be used right now to create something that is looking good. It was in my compare list with Cryengine and UE4. But I do not regret to use UE4 so far.

For level making there is also the third person template.

You start whatever version of the engine you want to use, included the 3rd person template (or whatever you want from a selection of choices), and when you hit play you good to go. Not fancy but gets you up and running right away in 3rd person