Third Person Combat


I just started using Unreal Engine 4 and i want to know if and how it is possible to get third person combat?

i loaded up the third person template but there are no guns/meele weapons. What do I have to do to make simple shooter combat or meele combat mechanics ?


Alright il try that thanks!
Also i cant find any tutorials on first person game, how to changethe weapons etc, i tryied to change the “hands” to something I imported, but i think the imported object was bugged and this was the reason for the crash, i want to try like importing different guns and make them shoot sutff I want etc etc

I don’t think any of the projects support melee out of the box but you could add it yourself. It’s something I need to do eventually for my project but until I’ve done it, I don’t know if I can give any advice on that.

In the mean time you could start with your third person shooting by downloading the shooter game template, and edit a few things with “playerpawn” in the content browser. Start by changing the first person mesh to the third person mesh ( and changing the first person animations to the third person animations ( Then add a camera component and position it behind and off to the side of your character. That should get you started.

(copy and paste any of those weird urls for pictures)

The weapon’s properties and mesh are under “weapgun” in the content browser, if you’re doing a third person game you don’t need to worry about the “hands” because that’s the first person mesh (only you see it in a multiplayer game) which means you can simply replace it with the third person mesh (what other people see, your full body) and it will look okay (but probably give you motion sickness if you aim up or down, fair warning).

Rather than looking for specific tutorials I’d recommend you learn some fundamentals through Epic’s tutorials as they’re quite good, and from there look for more general videos, metal game studios has a few decent ones if you look them up on YouTube.

thanks again^^

also what do you think about this:
how good are my chances to make a “complete” game ( not AAA ) withouth C++ knowledge? Should be possible right?

It’s definitely possible. Tappy Chicken in the marketplace was made 100% in blueprint so if you’re not doing anything nuts you don’t need to know a lick of C++, although it wouldn’t hurt to familiarize yourself with it, if you can, just enough that you should be able to look at a C++ file and understand generally what’s going on. But you could avoid it if you really didn’t want to use it at all.

However if you’re using the shooter game template, realize it’s all in C++. You can mess with it in blueprint, but you’ll be a bit limited if you can’t deal with code, so don’t start basing your game around it even if it seems like it would be convenient.

I’ve got a long way into my project BP only and don’t see any need for code as yet, i wouldn’t recommend using the templates as you’ll not understand how to do anything. follow the unreal third person tutorial videos and build from scratch it’ll save you so much time in the long run and you’ll soon get to the anim montage section which implements punching and you’ll figure the rest out from there. good luck.

At the end of the series Zach teaches us how to add punching to your third person character. Could be easily adjusted to include any melee weapon attack animation.